High Speed Pallet Clamp

Watch the Video to See this Product in Action

Application Example of Installing a Thin Magnetic Clamp on a Sodick Injection Molding Machine

In Association with Sodick IMM by Plustech Inc.

Setup Operation with Linear Conveyor: High-Speed Setup・Reduce Cycle Time

By using mechanically operated smart series location clamp (model KSL), it is able to mount and remove a pallet on a slider with the linear conveyor’s driving force. Time efficient. Reduce the cycle time. In association with: Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Example of chuck plate replacement time comparison! Only 6 seconds! No tools required!

Chuck Plate Change Over Time Comparison. Standard Mounting vs Quick Chuck Changer. Removal Time: Only 3 seconds with quick chuck changer! Mounting Time: Only 3 seconds with quick chuck changer!

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